Program 2014

Below you find the Ropecon 2014 program items that are either in English or you can participate in without speaking Finnish. Furthermore, many larps can also be played in English, see the description of those at the bottom of the page. You can also browse the full program here


Program items are sorted as follows: Program name / time and date / venue.



Opening ceremonies Fri 16.00 – Fri 17.00 Sali 1

The official opening ceremony for Ropecon 2014


Sumo wrestling Fri 16.00 – Fri 22.00 outdoors

Don the padded get up and come see if you can beat your mates in the sumo ring.


Cosplay outfit portrait painting spot Fri 17.00 – Fri 19.00 Yläaula



MtG Single Elimination: constructed Fri 17.00 – Sat 00.00 TF


MtG Single Elimination: draft Fri 17.00 – Sat 00.00 TF


MtG Team Sealed: Theros-Born of the Gods-Journey into Nyx Fri 17.00 – Sat 00.00 TF


Riichi Mahjong Fri 17.00 – Sat 00.00 Sali 3


Immersive theatre wtf Fri 18.00 – Fri 19.00 Sali 25


The War -Alpha tournament Fri 18.00 – Fri 22.00 TF


Luke Crane: The man, the career, and the games Fri 18.00 – Fri 20.00 Auditorio

Luke talks about himself, his career and his games.


Magic the Gathering EDH: Ystävyysottelu -turnaus Fri 18.00 – Fri 23.00 TF


Vampire: the Eternal Struggle –European championship qualifier Fri 18.00 – Sat 03.00 TF


Flash Market Fri 18.30 – Fri 21.00 Sali 1


Sing it out loud! ­ Musical meta techniques Fri 21.00 – Fri 23.00 JMT 3A Monitoimitila


The ring – epilogue Fri 22.30 – Sat 01.00 Sali 25



Player’s adjustment in the intercultural context Sat 09.00 – Sat 10.00 Sali 25

You have big hairy audacious goals regarding your new and shiny world created for the upcoming game. But what about players? How do you think they are going to perceive the world view and culture? How could they be coached to fit to the new culture? How is the culture affecting to the adjustment and their experience? Power and power distance are a part of person’s cultural framework and they can influence to the adjustment bot positively and negatively. Player’s acculturation effectiveness benefits the players themselves, the other players, and the GM, facilitating the success of the game. In this lecture we focus on player’s intercultural adjustment experience, factors influencing the adjustment process and practical applications to facilitate the adjustment.


Netrunner LCG Finnish Nationals Sat 10.00 – Sat 21.00 TF


Sumo wrestling Sat 10.00 – Sat 22.00 outdoors

Don the padded get up and come see if you can beat your mates in the sumo ring.


Riichi Mahjong Sat 10.00 – Sun 00.00 Sali 3


Age of the Tempest: Roleplaying for kids and beginners Sat 11.00 – Sat 13.00 Klondyke

Welcome  to  the  international  publishing  event  of  Age  of  the  Tempest!  It  is  a  Finnish  tabletop roleplaying  game  for  kids  and  beginners  now  available  in  English.  The  game’s  designer and author Mike Pohjola will tell about crowdfunding, the game design, and the story.


MtG Single Elimination: constructed Sat 11.00 – Sun 00.00 TF


MtG Single Elimination: draft Sat 11.00 – Sun 00.00 TF


MtG Sealed: M15 – PoroTour Sat 11.00 – Sun 00.00 TF


Demo: Magic the Gathering Sat 11.00 – Sat 18.00 Käpyaula


Swordsmanship Demonstration Sat 11.00 – Sat 13.00 Sali 1

The School of European Swordsmanship will demonstrate historically accurate medieval and renaissance swordfighting styles, and our training methods for them.


Luke Crane: How to write one to two books a year and not die Sat 11.00 – Sat 13.00 Auditorio


Riichi Mahjong -tournament Sat 11.45 – Sat 17.00 Sali 3


Game demos: LOTR lcg, Netrunner lcg, Star Wars lcg, Dune ccg Sat 12.00 – Sat 17.00 Käpyaula


Harness you imagination: games in knowledge co­creation Sat 12.00 – Sat 13.30 Sali 25

Games can be used to teach anything you want, but can they be used to find out something no one knows? Based on his Master’s thesis, doctoral researcher Otso Hannula presents the ATLAS game, a game for dreaming up service co­development projects, and describes how the theories used in his research can be used to better understand tabletop roleplaying games.


A Game of Thrones LCG Nationals Melee Sat 13.00 – Sat 22.00 TF


Wrestling Sat 14.00 – Sat 16.00 Sali 1


All the mistakes we’ve made II Sat 15.30 – Sat 16.30 Auditorio

Now second time at Ropecon, three fantastic guest speakers and Massi share their strangest, most magnificent and just plain disastrous mistakes in the name of designing great or not so great games. By sharing our mistakes we all learn that failing is not the same as being a failure, it is part of designing. Let’s learn from our mistakes and laugh the shame away! The concept is known from larp conference Solmukohta.


Designing Magic Items, Monsters and Encounters Sat 17.30 – Sat 19.00 Sali 25

RPG Superstar top 4 finalist Mikko Kallio discusses what he learned in the contest where each round involved a different design challenge, and the audience had the power to decide who advanced. The annual design contest is hosted by Paizo, the publisher of the best­ selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Zombie card game reborn! Sat 18.00 – Sat 22.00 Käpyaula


Dune ccg: Mentat double shot! Sat 23.30 – Sun 03.00 Käpyaula


Movie: Vaseline Hours Sat 00.00 – Sat 01.00 Auditorio

Vaseline Hours is a Finnish short film which combines black humor and violence in the same way as movies such as Pulp Fiction and Snatch. Vaseline Hours is an independent production with budget of 700 euros.



A Game of Thrones LCG Nationals Joust Sun 09.00 – Sun 16.00 TF


MtG Single Elimination: constructed Sun 09.00 – Sun 15.00 TF


MtG Single Elimination: draft Sun 09.00 – Sun 15.00 TF


MtG German Highlander Sun 09.30 – Sun 15.00 TF


Epic Munchkin Tournament Sun 10.00 – Sun 15.00 TF

Hello and welcome to this year’s Epic Munchkin Tournament! Do you like Munchkin? Do you enjoy playing so much, that you want to play on a grander scale and show everyone else you are better than they are? Then come join us at Epic Munchkin! Prove to your friends that you are the best or just come and have fun with us.


Sumo wrestling Sun 10.00 – Sun 16.00 outdoors

Don the padded get up and come see if you can beat your mates in the sumo ring.


Riichi Mahjong Sun 10.00 – Sun 16.00 Sali 3


Realities of Steel Sun 10.00 – Sun 14.00 Auditorio

Everything you always wanted to know about swordfighting but were afraid to ask. Guy Windsor will talk about swords, swordsmanship, and his new game, Audatia. There will be plenty of time for questions, so bring your curiosity!


Demo: Magic the Gathering Sun 10.00 – Sun 15.00 Käpyaula


Megacorporations – Wealth equals power Sat 10.00 – Sat 12.00 Sali 26

The big and evil megacorporations are a familiar sight in both literary and game fiction. But what makes these corporations so fearsome, and how far away from real corporations they really are? In the  presentation  we’ll  go  through  both  historical  and  fictional  companies  and  examine  their backgrounds.


Magic the Gathering EDH: Ystävyysottelu -turnaus Sun 10.00 – Sun 15.00 TF


Games for kids Sun 10.00 – Sun 12.00 Klondyke

Designing roleplaying games for kids can pose its own challenges. Luke Crane (Mouse Guard), Mike Pohjola (Age of the Tempest), and Miska Fredman (Astraterra) share their experiences on what it’s like to design and run games for kids.


Demo – Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Sun 11.00 – Fri 16.00 Käpyaula


Cosplay outfit portrait painting spot Sun 11.00 – Sun 15.00 Yläaula


Star Wars lcg: beginners tournament Sun 13.00 – Sun 15.00


Luke Crane: RPGs are awesome Sun 15.00 – Sun 16.00

Roleplaying games are the most influential and important new form of gaming to arrive in the past 50 years, but they’re little understood and often maligned. Follow along as Luke Crane waxes poetic about what’s happening in an RPG and why this makes them great.


Closing ceremony Sun 17.00 – Sun 18.00 Sali 1

The official closing ceremony of Ropecon 2014.


Larps (sign up to all larps in the Larp info desk in the 1st floor of Dipoli, near the main entrance)


Everyone knows everyone. Or do they? Looking for love, weekend romance or just good con friends? Join in and meet plenty of new people.

1st game: Sign up Fri 15:00 ­­- 17:00, game Fri 18:00 – 19:00, JMT3A

2nd game: Sign up Fri 15:00 – 17:00, game Fri 19:00 – 20:00, JMT3A

3rd game: Sign up Fri 18:00 – 20:00, game Sat 12:00 – 13:00, JMT3A

4th game: Sign up Fri 18:00 – 20:00, game Sat 13:00 – 14:00, JMT3A


The Vault

The Vault is an extremely popular reality tv show where the competitors, isolated from the rest of the humanity, seek to defeat each other both in physical challenges and in the cruel social game. The winner gets glory, money and fame – but who will make it to the end and who will be banished by the first vote? Players should be prepares for mild physical and psychological stress. The game will consist of scenes and progressive meta-techniques will be utilised. Game materials are available in:

Sign up Fri 15:00 – 17:00, game Fri 18:00 – Fri 22:00, Gorsu


Vili Nissinen Talk Show

It’s a larp, it’s theater, it’s a performance – It’s the Vili Nissinen Talk Show! In your face, no apologies. Are you ready to behave badly?

Sign up Fri 16.00 – Fri 18.00, game Fri 21.30 – Sat 00.00, Sali 1.



1105, Jutland. Grandfather has passed on to Valhalla. Now it is time to read his will and claim your inheritance. Will you get what is rightfully yours?

Sign up Sat 12.00 – Sat 16.00, game Sat 18.30 – Sat 21.30 Otakaari 20 Pieni puoli


Merit or Flaw II

Vampires in a blender. The second great gathering. Stab or be stabbed before the sun rises.

Sign up Fri 15.00 – Fri 20.00, game Sat 12.00 – Sat 16.00 Otakaari 20 Iso puoli

Oh dear! We seem to have run out of time

Once upon a time in the future, mankind has finally mastered the art of time travel. A new era of peace, love, harmony and glory to mankind has… unfortunately not arrived, as the world is about to end. This larp consists of a meeting in the Royal Society of TimeTravelling Ladies And Gentlemen (RSOTTLAG) that will discern which members are behind the paradox that has doomed the universe.

Sign up Fri 16.00 – Fri 20.00, game Sat 13.00 – Sat 18.00 Gorsu