The Vault of the Elements

Welcome to my unique-style of D&D games! Underneath the City of Elements is a vault. It is an archive of history and knowledge for only the most powerful and brave. Descend into it’s depths, deep underground into the ancient labyrinth created by the mages of old. These mages were highly paranoid about keeping their treasures safe and devised a gauntlet of insidious traps and terrible dangers. Death is written on the walls and floors with corpses and remains of the would-be thieves and foolhardy adventurers. Weird and fatal injuries around every corner with terrifying monsters lurking where you least expect! Very few have ever seen the inner sanctum, let alone make the vault a little emptier. That is exactly what you as a collective have decided to do. Can you and your party traverse the halls and get out with more than just your lives? **Warning** This is a very challenging dungeon. Along with being a very fun map, it is designed to kill you. Everything in this game is part of a larger world of my creation. This game has been tested well and been approved by my own team of gamers. Roll well and have fun!

Järjestäjä: Zach Rishling
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Yleinen