Shifters of the Alternative worlds

Imagine a every day life of your character in the world he’s living. One day he discovers that the world that he has lived entire time it’s not actually real. That discovery shakens your character but also makes it curious what and why and what’s the truth behind existence. You soon find out that you are a process – a single virtual character bound to one of the alternative worlds. These imaginative worlds are connected together by the network that it’s inhabitants call the Cloud. You are now part of Shifters – extremely loose and diverse group of people bound together by your choise to leave your own world behind to explore the Cloud and it’s wonders. Be careful though. Life of freedom comes with a price. Every universe follow their own principles and their rules are under constant surveillance. Breaking the norms is not taken lighlty and you are forced to run and hide for your life. Totally new Roleplay system for stories like no other.

Järjestäjä: Markus Turunen
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Yleinen